GreenChem Product 021 Super Digest  FDE 780<BR>FARM DIGESTANT WITH ENZYMES

For Best Digestion in Animal Waste Pits - Eliminates Gas and Odors

Super Digest DFE 780 is a high potency digestant product designed for farm animal manured pits, lagoons, slurry-stores, feedlots and pens. Used properly it works to eliminate odors, reduce build-up of solids, increase pit capacity, make pumping easier, and increase the fertilizer value of digested manure. Utilizes the powerful waste digesting properties of natural enzymes and selected strains of bacillus bacteria (all cultures certified pathogen free). Regular applications will establish thriving colonies of these efficient waste-digesting bacteria to provide continuous, uninterrupted breakdown of manure solids.

Treatment Program for Hog, Cattle or Chicken Manure Pits:
*Weekly treatments - 1 to 3 pounds per 100 animals or 5 pounds per 10,000 gallons of liquid. After the digesting process is under way treatments may be reduced to once or twice per month. Significant reductions in odor will be noticed after one or two weeks. The crust will break up, gas pockets are broken and dispersed evenly and safely, and solids are reduced to a 12 inch layer. Also use in feed lots, lagoon system, compost heaps, and septic systems.

Super Digest FDE 780 must be mixed with warm water (85° to 100° F)
For Feed Lots
Make a slurry using 1 pound of product for every 100 animals.
Remove manure and sprinkle feed lot with the slurry.
For Animal Waste or Food Processing Waste Lagoon Systems
Use 1 to 4 pounds of product per 50,000 gallons of liquid or 10 pounds per acre-foot, once in the the fall and once in the spring.
Lagoons with heavy build-up may require heavier treatments.

Guaranteed count 2 billion colonies per gram.


Available In:
100 lb.
50 lb.
25 lb.
1 lb., 12 per case

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