Special Requests

When you need help with:

  • A special request
  • Bid pricing
  • Quantity pricing
  • ...Or, just want to tell us something about our products or the presentation of the DirectChem store
E-mail Us!

Zircon Industries
P.O. Box 22483
Cleveland, OH 44122

We're problem solvers!
Please, let us know if you have special needs or a pesky problem. We are specialty blenders and can solve problems with custom products. Just email the details and the results of any attempts that have been made to find an answer. We’ll be back in touch!

You can save by buying direct!!
When you need pricing on large quantities that aren’t specifically addressed in our price list, call or email us.

Heads up!!
For institutional spec bid quotes, call or email us. Hospitals, municipalities, government agencies can save major dollars by contacting DirectChem to submit bid pricing.

Complete MSDS accompanies all orders. If MSDS is needed for prior approval, please e-mail us your product MSDS request complete with company information (name, address, phone # and contact person).

Zircon Industries, 19701 South Miles Road, Cleveland, OH  44128   (216) 581-7570
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