GreenChem Product 026 Live Micro

Destroys Odor the Natural Way
Controls Surface Odors on Floors and Carpets

Live Micro is a specially multi-cultured combination of bacteria developed to provide an effective alternative to present odor control methods. Odors are the by-products of incomplete digestion of organic wastes. Instead of fancy perfumes and expensive odor masking chemicals designed to cover up odor, the bacterial activity in Live Micro aggressively attack organic waste to remove the source of the odor. It is safe for use on all surfaces and will not affect sensitive carpeting. This is the only way to completely source out pet odors permanently.

Guaranteed count of 80 million colonies per milliliter.

Directions/Application Areas:
To Control Surface Odors
Dilute 1:1 with tap water.

Dilute 1:1 with tap water.

*The most effective way to remove pet waste and mold permanently. SOURCE IT OUT!

Detailed application instructions complete with packaging.

Available In:
55 gallon drum
5 gallon pail
1 gallon bottle, 4 per case

**Inquire about ultra concentrated blend, providing maximum economy.

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