052 Plastic Safe Electronics Cleaner VF

* Aggressive Cleaning Power
* Economical, Value Formula
* Completely Plastics Safe
* Non conductive to Over 41 KV
* Fast drying with No Residue
* Non chlorinated, Non-ozone Depleting

This aggressive aerosol precision cleaner provides high performance, yet it is economical. The advanced aerosol product is a high purity, non-residue, and fast drying formula that is completely plastic safe and contains no ozone depleters or chlorinated solvents.


This product is flammable. Use on de-energized components and equipment. Allow to completely dry before power is restored.

This product is completely non-conductive. The bottom line is this product with the introduction of alcohol creates a very economical, completely plastic safe precision contact cleaner.

Lift off small safety tab from the top of the ACC-U-SOL spray head. Be sure to hold can near upright to prevent accidental freezing.
Wide Area Cleaning:
Hold can about 6-8 inches from surface to be cleaned. Aim sprayer at desired area and squeeze trigger using a sweeping side to side motion. Allow to air dry.
Precision Cleaning:
Remove red extension tube from the rear of the spray head and insert firmly into the nozzle opening. Hold can about 2-3 inches from surface to be cleaned. Aim sprayer and gently squeeze trigger until. Allow to air dry.

Available In:
16oz can, 12 per case

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